Collaboration of HLWT and Podrži život

Podrži život (Support life) is a charity foundation that helps underprivileged children with serious medical condition to get adequate treatment. The organization was founded by Sergej Trifunović – a Serbian actor, singer, politician and citizen activist. On January 26, 2019, Trifunović was elected as President of the Movement of Free Citizens. The important goal of the Podrži život organization is to help kids who are by different reasons need our help. Sincere smile of a child, good long life, happy childhood, these are the most important values for Podrži život organization. Every child has a right for healthy life and bright future! Highland wine trade company totally supports the idea and concept of Podrži život organization and joins the most important activity in the world – helping children to become healthy and happy! We are thankful to Podrži život organization for their trust and ability to join them, to help and become a part of the unique and valuable activity which they do. Highland wine trade wants to donate money from every purchase you make in our shop! Let’s support together one of the most important organizations! Nothing can be more important than the smile of our children!

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