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Highland Wine Trade company!

The initial idea of HLWT company was to be an importer of Balkan wine, which we successfully did during this year, but eventually we become more and more importers of food as well as wine.

Nowadays, we focus ourselves on people’s requests, such as specific food and wine. We’re successful, fast developing company which became one of the most important and famous importer in China of Balkan products, chaired by young Serbian entrepreneur Nikola Adamovic Nick, a businessman who leads a company with his heart.

“Being long time – almost 5 years far away from home”

– “Being long time – almost 5 years far away from home, as a foreigner who misses Serbian motherland products, I started this company to provide people with our Balkan natural, organic, homestyle products. I invested soul in the company, which is now effectively growing up and already has huge number of achievements, collaborations and thousand of satisfied clients. My personal satisfaction is moment when people find out that I am behind HLWT and reaction like “You hold HLWT, wow, amazing products…” there is nothing better for me then feeling that I spread our, Balkan cusine here at far, far East. I find it, the harder I work – the more power and wish I have to make this company more and more successful. We work hard every day to make your meals delicious, to you enjoy hometown products and never forget about motherland doesn’t matter where you are”

says the head of HLWT company, Nikola Adamovic Nick.

A golden rule of Highland Wine Trade is to provide people with only healthy, natural, homestyle made and organic food.

The HLWT company strongly supports healthy lifestyle. HLWT company provides people with BIO, gluten free, lactose free, vegan and vegetarian food.

We also eventually realize many charity events and actions to support specific organizations who supports kids.

The HLWT has only caring, professional and skilled approach to work!

We work 24/7, to give people possibilities to enjoy our products!

We are also open for new collaborations!
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